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Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Life of Resolution

So, it's been almost a week since you made those resolutions. Do you remember them all? Which ones have you broken? Which ones have you given up on? Did you really believe you'd do it when you thought that resolution up?

New Years is supposed to bring one year to an end and usher in a fresh start. The truth is though, that the fight you had with your wife at 11:58 pm on December 31st has carried over to 12:01 on January 1st. That lack of drive to get up early and work out before work didn't change when the last years digits did.

Now you might be one of the few who sticks to their resolutions, and it's not my intention here to be really negative. The impression I get from most people is that they try out their resolution, it gets old, and maybe it will get renewed 5 minutes before 2013 rolls in.

I don't make resolutions on New Years, I don't see the point. Most of us are more likely to get the items on our Christmas wish list then to check off all the items on our resolutions list (this becomes more true when your Christmas list consists of underwear and socks). That's not to say I never make resolutions, I make hundreds if not thousands every year, in fact I believe it to be an earmark of my faith.

Almost 16 years ago I chose to follow Christ. If you've made this same decision then you know that the process of salvation, of transformation, was admitting we are flawed and sinful. Then we ask God to forgive us, we put our trust in His son who died on the cross and took our sin with him. We believe that three days later Jesus rose and conquered death. We ask that Jesus would come live in us. From that day on we live a life of daily resolution.

I will leave it there for today, I had complaints about my posts being too long. So hopefully this creates a cliff hanger scenario where you can't wait to rush to your computer tomorrow to read the next part.

So, stay tuned for "A Life of Resolution Part 2: The Key to Lasting Resolutions!"

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