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Monday, April 18, 2011

Rebecca's Mission X

Back in January, Rebecca and I went with the same group on Mission X. It's beautiful that each of us was impacted differently. Enjoy part 1 of Rebecca's Mission X

As I look back on the five days I just spent in inner city Winnipeg, so many things come to my mind. I want to know how Larissa is doing, and if she's been haunted by the ghost in her house. I want to know that Pete is okay. I want to hug the kids and tuck them into bed! I want them to be safe. I feel the pain of people more easily, because I saw so much of it when I was in the North End. I just can't even explain how I feel about these people. It's like God broke my heart for the people of Winnipeg. I have been back for six days now, but there isn't a day that Larissa or someone I talked to at Siloam doesn't cross my mind. They are constantly on my mind and in my prayers. I can not imagine what they are going through. I go to bed in please, knowing that no one is going to rob my house, or beat me up, or rape me. What right do I have to have such a richly blessed life?

When people ask me about Mission X, I think of ICYA, it was the part of my five days in Winnipeg that I will never forget. Yes we helped our in many other places , but these kids had a major impact on me and how I view my life now. I think the thing that impacted me the most was walking the kids home and having them terrified. I keep thinking of the girl that Trevor was carrying, Janeece, and how terrified she was. I watched a movie last night, about an inner city dance program, and the anger I saw in these teenagers in the movie was just like the kids I played with this past weekend. It made things like the news and movies, and just things that people say more real.

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Tyson said...

Mission X was extreme, it was impossible not to be impacted. I recall sitting with a student as he weaped for the children. A beautiful, beautiful experience!