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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rebecca's Mission X (2)

Today we rejoin Rebecca as she dives a little deeper into her experience, and show's us vulnerable pieces of her heart.

Before we left to come back to school, our dean of men asked us a few questions. One of the questions was, "what was your high point or the most difficult challenge for you?". As people began talking about their experiences I realized that none of the people had crazy experiences as their high points- well other than the crazy bus ride. The people had simple things like singing a song for a homeless woman, and walking a child home as experiences they would always remember. I didn't know if I had a high point. I was trying to think about all my experiences and what I had loved, or hated, or learned from. For some reason, I could not think of one. When Dalen (our dean of men) asked what we had learned, I thought about it for a while. I realize that I learned three main things during this trip.

I learned that a person is a person, no matter how small, how disabled, how rich , how poor, or how angry. God created everyone, and every person has a story to tell. the elderly woman in the wheelchair at Siloam had a story, my little girl Larrissa had a story. I think that if people shared their honest stories with each other, the world would be much more unified. If we take time to hear other people's stories and they take time to hear ours, our world would be more about others than ourselves.

Something else I learned was that God does not make mistakes. he made people like George, who will never walk, and he made people like Val, who is blind but plays the piano beautifully. He made my little Larrissa, and he made me. He made Mother Theresa. He doesn't make mistakes, every person is put on this earth for a purpose - God doesn't ever say, "oops! Guess I should have done that differently!"

I think this is beautiful, I just want to point out the beauty of the conviction Rebecca feels for people being honest with their story, and how she's telling her own beautiful story to illustrate the point!

Tune in tomorrow to read the conclusion of Rebecca's Mission X!

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