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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joyful Noise #3

The Notes Not Played

I believe every act of worship, whether it be singing in a church band, or maybe it's paying bills on time, being polite to telemarketers, taking time for a friend, preaching or even being a rock star. All the noises of these worshipful actions spin and spiral and sway to the ears of God and make a beautiful symphony of worship.

As I thought about this thought this morning I was hit with the realization that the notes not played in a symphony have significance. For every note played in a symphony there are scores of notes that you shouldn't play. If a wrong note is played it can taint the rest of the symphony. Sometimes our daily worship may be something we don't do. Being silent in gossip, not responding to a slight, or not honking at someone in traffic who's possibly been waiting 10 minutes to get into traffic.

We seldom think about the notes not played, they receive no praise, and our acts of silence will seldom be noticed. They will fall into the background of our day and no one will ever notice these silent acts of worship. As we practice these acts of silence we start to see a beautiful melody form as the great composer peels away every rotten unheard note exposing a beautiful symphony and we begin to realize that the notes not played are the setting upon wich the symphony shines.


I'm heading on a mission trip to the inner city of Winnipeg! Because I wanted to post James Ramelli's post in two segments instead of three there will be no entry on Thursday.

 Be sure to tune in Friday to read a post from Dan Cormie, Pastor of Dakota Community Church. Dan has a deep faith and a quick wit, the combination of the two always makes for a great message.

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Very Good Point Tyson!