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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Riot Without A Cause

Stanley Cup! Two words that have been exhausted in the last few weeks. Coveted by hockey teams and their fans. This year the beautifu city of Vancouver had a shot. 100,000 faithful fans crowded the streets to join together in the climax of the NHL season.

I get it, I really do. We all want to be part of something bigger. We want "our" team to be the best team and we want a big shiny trophy to show the rest of the world. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The poblem comes when we start to hang our ego on sports logos. I admit, I'm a horrible offender. I love the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and truly my ego is very involved. When I see the green Rider's jersey on MY game day I have horrible thoughts. I want to be the Riders (and yes by "beat" I mean sit on a couch and watch proffessional athletes defend my ego) into oblivion! I WANT TO WIN.

As game 7 took a nose dive and the score read 3-0 for Boston I felt my mind desend into frustration and dissapointment. I walked away at the begginning of the 3rd period. My friend Dan, who had also stopped watching, and I texted about how rediculous it is how we get so wrapped up in it. He made the point that we tend to hold our sporst logo higher than the flag of our saviour. Those weren't his exact words but it sums it up nicely.

Why do we do this? Do we have nothing better to do with our egos? Do we need a jersey to associate our identity with? I AM BOMBER FAN! Gatherings to watch games can be a wonderful thing. People cheer for their team, raz those in their presence who like the wrong colours, it's fun! It goes to far when our ego depends on the W. We are taught young that no one like's a sore loser. But it seems the loser's on the couch are more sore than the ones who play the game.

Speaking of sore losers, there were 100,000 people cathered on the streets of Vancouver last night. And here is the truth, there was a riot comming win or lose. The people who started the riot decided it would happen before the game even started, either consciously or not. I am truly disgusted at the violence that happened after the game. Cars rolled and set on fire, windows smashed, people acting like idiots.

This was a riot caused not because Vancouver lost, the riot still would have happened if they won. The riot started because the immense irresponsibility of a small group of people, spurned on by eager crowds taking pictures and videos. The bottom line is this riot had no reason. It was a riot without a cause and those responsible should be incredibly greatful that only 1 person was hospitalized in the whole ordeal.

How would you have responded had you been there? Try to be honest. Would you have taken pictures, Would you have walked away? Leave a comment.



Brittany Mahood said...

to be honest, i would have snapped a few pictures, then ran away crying. ever since i was little, fist fighting legitimately makes me get sick. i just kept praying peace over that situation and those people.

it's also sad that this riot will now represent vancouver as a whole. i have stayed on that street where it took place and it is lovely. but my hockey team was there for halloween and we saw that 'hooligan-ness' even then. but it isn't fair that this event now represents vancouver and canada as a whole.

Tyson said...

I need to make a correction, Brittany has pointed out roughly 200 people have been hospitalized.

And Brittany, I agree, this will definately paint Vancouver with a dark brush. I still think it is a beautiful place and can't wait to visit there again.