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Friday, April 15, 2011

A Little Worship Goes A Long Way

This is a piece of a journal entry from my time on mission X. Mission X is a week long inner city mission for 1st year students at Steinbach Bible College. We worked with the kids from Inner City Youth Alive, helped served the homeless at Siloam Mission and UGM, and grew closer as a student body. This was one of my favorite moments. Enjoy.

The first thing we saw when we got to Bethlehem Aboriginal Church was the basement, disappointment ensued, this is where we'd be sleeping. Shortly after we arrived we had a meeting in the sanctuary. I walked in and was awestruck at the giant room. The stain glass, wrap around balcony, and a giant pipe organ were appropriate accents to the grandeur of the room itself.I knew what needed to happen, we needed to sing and worship in this space. I made the announcement that I would be in the balcony with my guitar after snack and whoever wanted to join me was welcome.
After snack I rushed up to the sanctuary with some other students. We tried desperately to find a light switch but after a while I gave up and headed to the balcony. What unfolded next was nothing less than poetic. Abe and I started to play, then  Beth, Samantha, and Makyla showed up. I was flabbergasted at the talent. Shortly after James Corder came in with his guitar under one arm and Brian on the other. Brian sat and started praying, and I could see James’ guitar glinting occasionally in the rare light of the room.
As our session came to a climax I suddenly heard a violin, I looked over the balcony and there was Gerilyn. I was surrounded by so much amazing talent that I felt as though I had snuck in the back door on something amazing, and out of grace God allowed me to join in.
There were only seven of us singing, and praying, but the giant sanctuary was thick with the sound of our praise. As our voices bounced off the walls and the words came floating back to our ears, I realized this is what Mission X is, a small group of us lifting up our voices in a giant city, making the north end thick with the sound of our praise.

A little praise goes a long way, find a way to worship God through serving someone today, you might be surprised at what God can do with it.


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